Is Your Loved One Moving To A Nursing Home? A List Of Items You Should Bring To Make The Room Feel More Like Home

Moving to a nursing home can be a huge transition for your elderly loved one. They are giving up their independence and going to a facility where they will live in a room, rather than a home by themselves. They will have a completely new space, new people to meet and a new routine. As such, you may be looking to make their new space feel as much like home as you can for them, to help ensure at least one thing feels familiar and safe to them. While you cannot move all of their furniture into their room, there are many things you can bring to help make their space feel more like home. Here are a few of the items you should bring with your loved one as they move to a nursing home. 

Their Blankets and Pillows

While most nursing homes will provide your loved one with blankets, pillows and sheets, the majority will allow you to bring your own if you so choose. Bringing along comforters, pillows, blankets and sheets can give your loved one a sense of familiarity, add their own sense of style to the room, and make them more comfortable.


Many nursing homes will allow you to hang pictures on the wall or place pictures on the dresser and tables provided in the room. If your loved one has photographs or pictures hanging in the walls of their home, consider placing these in their room. Being able to look at the same photographs that they are used to seeing daily can help give them a sense of being home while also looking at photographs that have sentimental value or importance to them. 

Small but Important Mementos

The last items that you should consider bringing along with your loved one to a nursing home are small but important mementos or items. Many assisted living facilities provide your loved one with or allow you to bring in nightstands or book shelves. You are allowed to place personal items on or in both of these places. Some people bring along personal care items, like perfume or make-up. Others bring along custom jewelry or books that are important to them. Your loved one may have knick-knacks, small items from their family members or other small items that are important to them and can brighten their day. 

Moving to a nursing home is a period of change in a person's life. However, bringing along certain items can help make them feel more at home and help to make the transition a bit easier on them. For more information, contact establishments like Regina Nursing Center.