Struggling To Provide Care For Your Elderly Spouse? 3 Ways A Personal Care Assistant Can Help

The development of health or mobility issues related to aging can exert a heavy toll on relationships, even those of couples who have lived together for many years. This is especially true when one spouse is tasked with providing constant care for the other with only sporadic support from relatives or friends. In addition to the physical work of providing this type of care, a spouse tasked with caring for an ill or disabled partner is also under emotional stress that can lead to the deterioration of their own mental and physical health.

The Importance Of Physical Activity For Assisted Living Residents

In an assisted living community, residents with disabling health conditions have opportunities to safely participate in beneficial, gentle exercise. The center may offer exercise sessions and athletic activities geared toward certain ability levels. Since many residents deal with conditions causing chronic pain and weakness, the employees in charge of recreation offer a wide variety of options. The Advantages of Assisted Living These communities are designed for people who can live somewhat independently but need help with certain activities.

Just Had Surgery? Recovering From An Accident? How Rehab Care Can Help

Rehab care is a type of specialized care that is often done in a nursing home or assisted living facility. This is a type of care that is given to patients who are recovering from an illness, surgery, accident, or other issue and need assistance recuperating. Rehab care is usually offered to patients of an advanced age or seniors, but can also be offered to other patients, such as those with limited mobility, mental health issues, or other problems that make recuperating at home difficult.