Struggling To Provide Care For Your Elderly Spouse? 3 Ways A Personal Care Assistant Can Help

The development of health or mobility issues related to aging can exert a heavy toll on relationships, even those of couples who have lived together for many years. This is especially true when one spouse is tasked with providing constant care for the other with only sporadic support from relatives or friends. In addition to the physical work of providing this type of care, a spouse tasked with caring for an ill or disabled partner is also under emotional stress that can lead to the deterioration of their own mental and physical health. 

If you are currently serving as the main caregiver for your ailing spouse, here are some important benefits you and your spouse could gain by using personal care assistants on a full or part-time basis. 

Helps the patient enjoy a more positive outlook

When an elderly person suffers from an ongoing or worsening health issue that requires constant care from their spouse, they often feel they are becoming a burden. This can be especially troublesome when the caregiving spouse must assist with all aspects of personal care, including bathing, toileting, and other daily needs. When these duties are shifted to a personal care assistant, the ailing spouse may feel less like a burden to their spouse and can begin to feel more positive about their situation. 

Provides an important break for the caregiver

Another important benefit of hiring one or more personal care assistants is that doing so creates specific periods of time when the caregiver can take a break from their responsibilities. This break can be used to catch up on other needs, take a nap, or run errands that cannot be easily handled when providing round-the-clock care for an ailing spouse. Caregivers who have regular, scheduled breaks from their responsibilities will also find it easier to maintain their own physical health and maintain a more positive emotional outlook.  

Offers a budget-friendly care option

Many elderly couples who find themselves dealing with an increasing need for care often feel that a nursing home is their only option. While nursing home care does fill an important need for many elderly patients, the cost can be a significant one. Using one or more personal care assistants in the home can help elderly couples remain in their own residence at a much lower cost than full-time nursing home care can offer. 

To learn about your options for using personal care assistants, contact an agency. They can provide more information regarding personal care home services.