3 Care Options For Your Elderly Loved One

As your loved one gets older, it's natural for them to start needing more help day to day. The amount of help your loved one requires will depend on their health and overall condition. In general, it's best to utilize the option that gives your loved one the most independence while still providing them with adequate care. Many seniors feel embarrassed or resentful at the idea of losing their freedom, so allowing them to retain as much autonomy as possible is always ideal. Here are three care options available for your elderly loved one.

1. Family member

This is an option to consider if money is tight. You or another family member can stop by your elderly loved one's home on a regular basis in order to check on them. You can help by doing their grocery shopping and helping with chores around the house. If your senior loved one has an extra room in their house, it could be beneficial for a relative to move in in order to keep an eye on them. This option has the advantage of allowing your senior loved one to be cared for by someone they already know.

2. In-home health aide

If your loved one requires more intensive care or there are no family members available to help, you can consider hiring an in-home health aide. According to Sokanu, a health aide will help your senior loved one do routine tasks around the house. They can help them bathe, dress, and do other activities as necessary. They can also help by cooking to provide nutritious meals. If this sounds like a good option for your senior loved one, look into senior care services in your area.

3. Assisted living

After a certain age, it can become dangerous for a senior to live alone. It's possible that they could fall and be unable to get up or call for assistance, and some forgetful seniors may be a hazard to themselves if they leave the stove unattended. An assisted living facility is the perfect compromise between a nursing home and independent living. They allow your loved one some autonomy, while still providing a safe environment and professional assistance as needed.

With a little help, seniors can lead happy lives full of activities. If your loved one is struggling with daily tasks or needs help running errands, look into senior care services. There are many options available whether your loved one would like to stay home or move to an assisted facility. Talk to a senior care representative to find out what options are available.