What Services Do Assisted Living Facilities Provide?

When family members and loved ones begin to age, it is not always easy for them to live alone. Various health issues often make it difficult for them to cook for themselves, take care of their home, and be independent like they have in the past. Fortunately, there are facilities that are designed especially for seniors that can provide the necessary care they need. These are known as assisted living facilities and these are some of the services they provide. 

Preparing and Serving Meals

Assisted living facilities have staff that prepare meals three times a day to be served to the residents who live there. There is usually a community dining room in the facility where residents can enjoy meals together. However, if a resident prefers to eat alone or needs assistance with feeding, meals can be enjoyed in residential rooms as well.

Housekeeping and Laundry

The staff also provides housekeeping for the residential rooms. However, residents can also clean their own rooms and decorate it how they like if preferred. Laundry is also taken care of by the staff at assisted living facilities. This makes things easier for family members because they do not have to take laundry home for the resident to wash and then return.

Personal Care

If a resident needs assistance with bathing, dressing, putting on makeup, or styling the hair, these services can often be performed by the staff at an assisted living facility. Many of these facilities also have a beautician and a nail technician who comes in a few times a month to provide hair and nail services for the residents. 

Some Medical Care

While an assisted living facility does not provide extensive medical care, there are some medical services that are included. For instance, if a resident needs assistance with taking regular medications or if a resident has a mild illness, such as a cold, staff members can often administer medications. If residents have doctor appointments to go to, staff members can also provide transportation.

Social Activities

There are also social activities that are planned for residents to enjoy. This may include playing cards or various games, having movie nights, or having picnics outside. The goal is for residents to enjoy living at the facility while also making new friends through frequent socialization.

With all the various services provided by assisted living facilities, family members of residents have the peace of mind of knowing their loved ones are safe and content in a place where they feel right at home. Family members and friends also enjoy getting to visit their loved ones frequently as well.