5 Signs Your Loved Ones Needs Senior Care Services

Senior care services are services that allow your loved one to continue to live at home, with a little assistance. The type of assistance may vary, from bathing to grocery shopping and preparing meals to assistance tracking medication. It can be difficult for your elderly loved ones to admit that they need a little extra assistance, which is why it is essential to look for signs that your loved one needs senior care service.

Sign #1: Need Assistance with Personal Care Activities

Over time, it can be more difficult to take care of one's care activities, significantly as one's mobility decreases. If your loved one has mobility issues and can no longer quickly bathe or shower independently, they could use someone to help them with this task. It may be that they need real help with washing themselves when they shower, or it may be that they don't feel comfortable or safe using the shower without someone nearby in case they slip. A senior care service can provide someone to help your loved one with personal care activities. Hygiene is essential for physical and mental health, and getting assistance with this type of task can improve your loved one's life.

Sign #2: Unable to Clean Their Home

If your loved one used to keep their home clean and tidy, but when you visit, you now notice that their home is unkempt, it may not be because they don't care, but rather that they cannot take care of their home. Even simple tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, and doing the dishes are physical when they have mobility and strength issues. A senior care program can provide someone to keep your loved one's home clean.

Sign #3: Unable to Prepare Meals 

Preparing health and nutritious meals involves shopping, planning, and standing while preparing and cooking the meal. If you have noticed that your loved one is only eating simple meals or snacks and is no longer eating nutritious meals, a senior care service can provide someone who can prep meals for your loved ones. They can cook meals and help your loved one with eating if that is an issue as well.

Sign #4: Recent Hospitalizations

If your loved one has recently been hospitalized or been to the emergency room once or more in the past year, they may have health needs that require additional assistance. Hospitalizations often mean that your loved one has advanced health needs that they need assistance with. A senior care service can provide someone to assist and watch over your loved one.

Sign #5: Lots of Medication

If your loved one has lots of medication that they need to take, they may need help with keeping track of all that medication and when to take it. A senior care service can provide an aide who can organize your loved one's medication and make sure they take it.

If your loved one isn't taking care of their personal hygiene, their house is messy, they are not preparing healthy meals for themselves, they have been recently hospitalized, or they have a lot of medication to take, you may want to arrange for a senior care service to provide workers to help take care of your loved one in their home.

To learn more information about senior care services, reach out to a professional near you.