Unsure About Entering An Assisted Living Facility? Helpful Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

Growing older often includes some level of discomfort, such as struggling with issues related to aging and diminished health. When the aging process or declining health makes it problematic to handle daily tasks and maintain the home, it may be necessary to consider moving into an assisted living facility. If you or someone you love is considering an assisted living facility as their next home, here are some helpful answers to some commonly asked questions. 

Is assisted living and nursing home care the same?  

While these terms are often used together, assisted living facilities are very different than nursing homes. As the name suggests, an assisted living facility offers support for people who are still ambulatory and able to handle many of their own basic needs. In most assisted living facilities, residents have their own private residences and maintain their own schedule of activities while taking meals in a comfortable dining room. If a need for supportive care arises, the assisted living facility offers supportive care options to help the residents enjoy safety and security. Nursing homes offer skilled care for patients who require more care than an assisted living facility can provide. 

Are visitors allowed in an assisted living facility? 

While each assisted living facility may have visitation policies that differ slightly, most understand the importance of visits from family members and friends. Assisted living residents are usually able to welcome visitors whenever they wish, even overnight guests, just as they did when living on their own own. 

Are special diets accommodated in an assisted living facility? 

Menus for most assisted living facilities are usually created with healthy dietary standards in mind. Residents who have special dietary requirements ordered by their medical care provider can rest assured that their needs will be accommodated when living at an assisted living facility. An added bonus found in assisted living facilities is the mental and emotional health benefits that come from sharing a meal with other residents in a group setting. Many assisted living facilities also offer kitchenettes in each residential space so that residents can easily prepare snacks or simple meals when they do not wish to join the other residents in the main dining area. 

What types of assistance are available to residents? 

In addition to meal and snack preparation, residents of assisted living facilities can enjoy help with dressing and basic personal care, assistance with medication, transportation, laundry, housekeeping, and more. 

To get more answers or general information, contact a reputable assisted living facility in your area.