4 Mistakes People Make When Moving Their Parents Into Assisted Living Facility

Looking after an aging parent can be quite rewarding for an adult. It allows you to give back when your parents need you the most. Unfortunately, you might not have the time and luxury to look after them at home. You might have to take them into an assisted living facility. So, how can you make the transition smooth? Avoid the following mistakes when moving your elderly parents to the assisted living facility.

1. Making Decisions By Yourself

It is hard to make decisions for your senior parents, especially when you are used to them being independent. However, whatever the situation, it's best to consult with your parents when making decisions. Your decisions directly affect their lives; therefore, you need to incorporate their ideas.

You could call for a family meeting and lightly suggest the idea of relocating to an assisted living facility. Give your loved ones time to evaluate the idea. Take them for a visit to learn what it's like to live at the facility and know the pros and cons of the assisted living arrangement. You can move them only after you are all on the same page.

2. Ignoring Their Wishes

Your parents might have different tastes and preferences from you. When looking for a facility, pick the one your aging parents love and prefer. It is important to listen to their needs and desires as your parents will be the ones spending time at the facility. Pay attention to the schedules and activities at the facilities. Ensure your parent agrees that the chosen facility would suit them. Only then should you be comfortable moving them into the new community.

3. Selecting a Community Located Far Away

As a child, you should strive to maintain your relationship with your parents. Despite moving them into an assisted living facility, where they can make friends, your aging parents will need you, close friends, family, and grandchildren to visit often. It will help to find a facility near your home. This will make visits easier and will also make your parents feel appreciated.

4. Failing to Discuss Finances

As earlier highlighted, it would be distasteful not to include your loved one in a process that affects them directly. For instance, you should consult your parents if you plan to sell their home to cater to the assisted living expenses. Your parents might not be emotionally ready to let go of the house. Discuss insurance payments and help them find a facility that fits their budget. This will prevent disputes and disappointments in the future.

These are the common mistakes that make the transition challenging. Therefore, strive to avoid making the same mistakes to avoid a broken relationship with your loved ones in their golden years. Remember to contact and visit several senior homes to find a community that suits your parent.

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